The Pulpit

Replacing the original 1897 stone pulpit, the present pulpit was gifted to the Church and dedicated in 1913. It was designed by a Glasgow architect, P. McGregor Chalmers and carved by another Glaswegian, John Crawford, out of Austrian oak.

Three sections of Crawford’s carving are particularly interesting.

Firstly, at the foot of the banister rail are two figures depicting the two essential acts of worship – Praise and Prayer.

Secondly, four representations of Jesus appear round the middle of the pulpit: to the front, He is shown as the Good Shepherd and the Sower and at the back, He is seen as a Fisherman and the Wise Master Builder.

Thirdly, just above the carvings of the heads of Christ, hidden among the small carvings of flowers and fruit, are four small carvings of a crown of thorns and “signature” carvings of a mouse, a fox and a pelican.

Finally, in the circle of carvings at the foot of the pulpit at the back, is a shamrock, an early Christian symbol for the Trinity.